Tuesday, July 31, 2012

School Dayz

Georgetown College.
Just down the road from the ever yum-o Fava's diner, 
this little patch of collegiate-ness serves to educate youths from all over the world. 

It comes complete with food that is only good in the morning, 
Dorms that I most definitely will not be staying at, 
and this thing called a G-Card which is actually quite awesome.
As this is where I will most likely spend the next four years of my life 
(It's always a good time....)
I figured I should do a blog post about it.

So Georgetown's mascot is a tiger.
This means our colors are black and orange. 
How lame is that? 
What is not lame, is the fact that the little Eiffel Towers,
 and other such French-y symbols on this dress, 
are in black and orange! 
The lovely Robin's Egg Blue background definitely helps 
tone down the Halloween-ish vibe those colors normally have.
I own this dress, and I must say, it's fantabulous.

Wedge heels and peep toes.
I'm a creature of habit. 
This is a great transitional shoe, 
And what's more transitional than college, right?

So, apparently, kids that go to real school have to tote their books all day.
This inspired some kindhearted soul to invent this lil beauty,
The backpack.
 This chic edition of this fabulous invention is just the thing for a sophisticated college student.

While I'm not a fan of the colors, I do have to show *some* school pride here..
And this cute little tiger bracelet is just the thing!
Subtle, yet styling, this shows just the right amount of school spirit!

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Payless
Purse/Backpack: Coach