Tuesday, July 19, 2011

World Traveler (Just stopping by)

I'm a World Traveler..

I want to travel the world...
In this outfit..

The perfect top for summer traveling, 
This frilly pink top was made for
 Sight-seeing in Italy, 
Shopping in Paris,  
or daydreaming that you are doing such things..
(That last one would be me.. *sigh*)

This skirt is so cute it's ridiculous. 
I love the zig-zags and how light and summer-y it is!

"I'm a little tea cup, cute and sweet.."
Nope. I don't plan on rhyming with that. 
This dainty little charmer is perfectly darling!

I think I have mentioned before 
how much I love light pink ballet flats.
And the twisted ribbon detail is quite lovely. 

Ok, so the main reason I decided to do this post
Was because my sweet parents bought me this purse for my birthday.
And really the only humble way to brag about it was to post it in an outfit.
Ok,  not really.
Well, I mean.. I really did get the purse, 
But I started this outfit 
(centered around the purse) 
a loooong time ago.

Hope you all enjoyed.