Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Surprise: Wishin' & Hopin'....

It's true.
My darling blog is a whole year old now! 
And though I have had to give up fashion blogging for the time being, 
I was NOT going to ignore this wonderful occasion! 
(Proof I've been busy: CNM's birthday was actually the 1st..:-P )

Though I still cannot blog on a regular basis, 
I put together what I think Cute N Modest would wear on her birthday
 if she was a young lady.

Though I've been away for awhile, 
I haven't changed much in regards to my taste in fashion.
I still love ruffles. 

And pink.
And dresses.
And yeah...
I haven't changed. :-P 
But seriously, this dress is darling! 

Darling as it is, 
it does run a tad bit short..
But that's what leggings are for!

Dusk pink ballet flats..
I just love the thought! 
Something about a pink ballet flats seems so right!

Um, for the record,
this is THE cutest purse ever.
I'm serious. 
I am so going to get one of these.

Well, it was really fun to come back for a little bit! 
Hope you enjoyed!
Don't be too surprised if I pop up again someday! 
Lots of love,


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