Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prom Girl Review

I am doing something I've never done before-
A store review!
While I have done outfits strictly from one store, this will be the first store I actually write a review for.

The store is called Prom Girl.
As most of you know, I'm homeschooled.
I don't do prom..
However, I do love dresses of any kind.
Excepting cocktail dresses.
(If you like cocktail dresses, they offer those here:)
I was really excited to get the request to review this website.
I have looked at Prom Girl before during one of my many hunts for the perfect dress.
It's a very easy site to use, lots of ways to narrow down your hunt.
There are several dresses in a variety of colors and styles.
Not really any modest ones, though.
Like, not at all.
(Which is why I haven't been able to use them before.)
However, there are some dresses you could probably use the skirt part.
I mean, who doesn't love a satiny, floor length skirt?
The 2012 Prom collection
has some seriously zany colors.
 You gotta love a tie-dye princess dress, right?
Most of them are the high-lo style; therefore useless for the purpose of using the skirt.
The skirt on this dress is pretty awesome.
Along with prom and formal dresses ,
Prom Girl also offers a variety of shoes, jewelry, and underclothing
for whatever big event you're preparing for.
The jewelry is fairly priced, and quite sparkly.
Really that's the best way to describe the shoes as well.
My over all opinion of the website is as follows:
Shoes and accessories, I'd buy.
Dresses... It really just depends on how much altering I'd have to do.
The website itself was wonderful.
I wish some of the modest prom sites were as user friendly as Prom Girl.

To finish off this review, 
I've put together an outfit from Prom Girl
(Of course)
 that's as modest as I could get it.

Like I said,
They have some seriously sparkly jewelry.
Including this fantabulous tiara. 
You can't have a princess dress without a tiara. 
It's just not right.
This one is subtle, yet suitable. 

This dress was the most modest I found on the site. I think.
You could add a shrug to a few others and they might work, 
But this was the only one I saw that actually showed a shrug.
And it's a lovely shrug. 
I really like the flowery detail on the skirt, 
and cream colored dresses are just plain dreamy.

I love broaches.
Next to pendents, I think broaches are my favorite.
I personally have about 14.
This particular broach I'd use right at the neck of the shrug. 
Just to add some sparkle.
Because you can never have enough.

Ok, you're in a princess dress.
You need some sparkly heels.
These are an awesome gold color. 
(I think gold looks better with the yellow in this case.)
I live the rhinestones on the shoes, as well as the lovely geometric pattern up the strap.

Clothing provided by


I hope you enjoyed my very first review. 
If you have a fashionable website you would like me to blog about, 
be sure to let me know!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Blues. (And browns.)

This outfit is inspired by September.

And this picture.

September marks the beginning of  fall.
(Yes, it does.)
Fall marks the beginning of hat season.
Floppy hats are very vogue this year, and while this hat's brim's not as floppy as all get out, 
It's still pretty darn cute.

Much like this vest.
It was love at first sight. 
Seriously, it's sooo cute!
I love the color. It's all blueberry and such.

Basic brown tee.
Good structure. Good color.
Not too heavy, not too light.

Yes, I've used this skirt a lot.
It's so great though!
The dark denim is perfect for fall.

I love the details on these shoes. 
And they're perfect for showing off cute fall nail colors!

Bronze is the perfect metallic for fall.
I love the pockets on this purse.
The little change pouch is so useful! 

Ok, if you haven't noticed, traveling is something I've always dreamed of doing.
And therefore I've always liked anything to do with passports, planes, maps, you name it!
And this necklace has it all!

Vest: Modcloth
Top: Kohl's
Skirt: Chadwicks
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever21

Enjoy your September!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

World Traveler (Just stopping by)

I'm a World Traveler..

I want to travel the world...
In this outfit..

The perfect top for summer traveling, 
This frilly pink top was made for
 Sight-seeing in Italy, 
Shopping in Paris,  
or daydreaming that you are doing such things..
(That last one would be me.. *sigh*)

This skirt is so cute it's ridiculous. 
I love the zig-zags and how light and summer-y it is!

"I'm a little tea cup, cute and sweet.."
Nope. I don't plan on rhyming with that. 
This dainty little charmer is perfectly darling!

I think I have mentioned before 
how much I love light pink ballet flats.
And the twisted ribbon detail is quite lovely. 

Ok, so the main reason I decided to do this post
Was because my sweet parents bought me this purse for my birthday.
And really the only humble way to brag about it was to post it in an outfit.
Ok,  not really.
Well, I mean.. I really did get the purse, 
But I started this outfit 
(centered around the purse) 
a loooong time ago.

Hope you all enjoyed. 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Quick Surprise Visit..

I put together an outfit!
Due to lack of time, the commentary is nonexistent.. 
I will say,
I REEELLY love this dress.
Hope you like it!
Love forever,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dress Design

Hello dear readers!
I am attempting to win a dress design contest, and I would very much appreciate your votes.
Here is the link to my dress: My dress

I would be ever so grateful for your votes!
Thanks so much!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Surprise: Wishin' & Hopin'....

It's true.
My darling blog is a whole year old now! 
And though I have had to give up fashion blogging for the time being, 
I was NOT going to ignore this wonderful occasion! 
(Proof I've been busy: CNM's birthday was actually the 1st..:-P )

Though I still cannot blog on a regular basis, 
I put together what I think Cute N Modest would wear on her birthday
 if she was a young lady.

Though I've been away for awhile, 
I haven't changed much in regards to my taste in fashion.
I still love ruffles. 

And pink.
And dresses.
And yeah...
I haven't changed. :-P 
But seriously, this dress is darling! 

Darling as it is, 
it does run a tad bit short..
But that's what leggings are for!

Dusk pink ballet flats..
I just love the thought! 
Something about a pink ballet flats seems so right!

Um, for the record,
this is THE cutest purse ever.
I'm serious. 
I am so going to get one of these.

Well, it was really fun to come back for a little bit! 
Hope you enjoyed!
Don't be too surprised if I pop up again someday! 
Lots of love,