Sunday, November 7, 2010

Team Spirit Week #3: Michigan State University (Yay Spartans!!)

"This is Sparta!!!"

it's Michigan...

 If you asked me, 
I wouldn't be able to tell you much about this team..
Other than it's Michigan State U,
They're green&white,
Oh, and they're 
(Like me!)

Isn't this cardigan lovely?
Perfectly casual, 
but totally chic!

LOVE this color green!!
Evergreen, Spruce, Forest, Spearmint, 
Whatever you want to call it..
I'll just call it beautiful! 

Um, I seriously have got to get these boots!
Knee high boots are sooo
cute & versatile! 
And ya gotta love the gray!

This is such a great bag!
That great shade of green 
with the cute silver accents
make this the perfect 
MSU Spartan purse! 

 Just sayin'... 
The Spartans had some cool lookin' helmets. 
This necklace is a great way 
to show your team spirit!

"Those Spartans play good ball.."



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  1. Glad to know a fashion-forward girl can go with a jumper. I like them too, as long as they have some shape. I've sewn a few myself and a couple of times even had people come up to me and say they don't like jumpers (being in the fashion industry, I get lots of fashion comments from friends). Then I happen to mention that I have one on and they've said something like, "Oh, I didn't notice that was a jumper." Usually it is because I've included some type of waist shaping and a unique neckline with narrow straps over the shoulders. Liked your jumper pick in this post.

    I'm primarily writing to let you know that your blog is featured on my new Fashion Belle website which has just launched in November 2010 with about 500 reviews of modest clothing and educational resources. Thank you for your effort to promote modesty, and please continue the good work!

    Your site featured here:


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