Sunday, November 28, 2010

Peppermint Winter Outfit#1: Snowy Stargazer

"What's December without Christmas Eve?"
(A freezing fashion fairytale)
So according to  Grooveshark,
I am addicted to this song..
But for good reason(s)..
(It came out on a really good day, it's a super sweet song, it's Christmas-y, lotsa other reasons..)
So please enjoy the following mini-story
inspired by this song
the outfit inspired by both.

It was a very cold night.
The young lady was curled up by the fireplace reading 
"The Two Towers"
and drinking hot chocolate with French vanilla flavored marshmallows.
The rest of her family was watching the end of the TCU vs New Mexico game.
There was a scratching on the door. 
Her dog, Dug, wanted in for the night.
Her little brother offered to bring the pup in for her, 
But she said no, she's got it.


As it was mid December,
she was wearing her adorable penguin shirt she got at
It was super comfy, and very cute..
Perfect for a night like this.. 

She grabbed her coat from the closet on her way out.
She didn't normally like to wear coats, 
but how could she not like this one?
Not too light or too heavy, 
plus it was pretty. 
Perfect to just throw over her shoulders, 
which was her favorite way to wear it.


She opened the door, and grabbed her scarf off the hook.
It was colder than she thought it would be.
Well, that, and she loved this scarf..
The random pops of color made her smile,
and, of course, 
the pockets were a plus. 

She felt her scarf get caught on something.
She uncaught her favorite necklace from a stray piece of yarn.
It is *Slightly* possible that she did just buy this necklace for the name..
That, and wishing wells were one of the cutest concepts ever. 
(to her anyway..)

"I guess I won't be doing much stargazing tonight.." she thought,
looking wryly at the snow covered car 
(her favorite stargazing spot)
and pulling her coat tighter around her shoulders. 
It seemed the snow had ceased, but the fluffy layer of  clouds
still blocked her view of all but one
extremely brave little star.
Her favorite star. 
He was a cute little thing..
Always shining no matter what the weather.
She was very impressed, because she didn't think he'd be able to make it through the thick clouds of the first snow of the season.
Completely forgetting about bringing Dug in, 
she looked up at her star and made a wish.


The wind starting blowing a bit harder, and it started snowing again.
Little white flakes landed on her skirt.
She shivered and smiled up at her star.
Dug came up beside her and started whining.
And dramatically shivering and rolling on his back.. 
The girl laughed and rubbed her little dog's belly.
He rolled back over and started running in circles around her.

She laughed again and started chasing him. 
And then she realized that she hadn't grabbed a pair of shoes on the way out!
Now her favorite pair of socks were all wet!
Oh, well.. 
She knew she'd get about 45 new pairs for Christmas.
She scooped up Dug and went back inside,
with one last parting smile in her star's general direction.. 

Later that night, as she was getting ready for bed, 
she looked out her window at the falling snow.
It was very beautiful.
"Now, if only it'll stick around a few more days till Christsmas!"
She said hopefully to herself before shutting the blinds and crawling into bed..

To Be Continued... 


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Team Spirit Week #3: Michigan State University (Yay Spartans!!)

"This is Sparta!!!"

it's Michigan...

 If you asked me, 
I wouldn't be able to tell you much about this team..
Other than it's Michigan State U,
They're green&white,
Oh, and they're 
(Like me!)

Isn't this cardigan lovely?
Perfectly casual, 
but totally chic!

LOVE this color green!!
Evergreen, Spruce, Forest, Spearmint, 
Whatever you want to call it..
I'll just call it beautiful! 

Um, I seriously have got to get these boots!
Knee high boots are sooo
cute & versatile! 
And ya gotta love the gray!

This is such a great bag!
That great shade of green 
with the cute silver accents
make this the perfect 
MSU Spartan purse! 

 Just sayin'... 
The Spartans had some cool lookin' helmets. 
This necklace is a great way 
to show your team spirit!

"Those Spartans play good ball.."