Sunday, October 31, 2010

Team Spirit Week #2: University of Kentucky! (Wildcat Nation!!)

On, on, U of K, 
we are right for the fight today!


If you think UK stands for United Kingdom,
Think again!
Even though my poor Cats might just happen to stink this year,
(I might not live long after saying that..
Kim, take care of Kevin for me..)
It's still nice to show some team spirit! 

Don't you just love scarves??
The perfect fall accessory! 

Slouchy, Sapphire sweater.
(Say that 10x fast.)
Now, you might be a fan of the totally shapeless look...
But I happen to love wide belts..
And the fact that they just happen to be very
right now makes it super easy to find super cute ones! 

"Long skirts are ok..As long as they're not like, floor length.."
'Cause then, 
you know, 
they're awesome..

Love this bangle!!
Wear it on its own, 
or with a couple of plain silver ones!
Too cute!

Cute tights are totally necessary
for the colder months!

Ok, I kinda 
love these shoes!
Peep toes are soo cute!
(And terribly impractical.
Which makes me like them more.)

We'll fight, fight, fight, for the

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