Sunday, October 3, 2010

Team Spirit Week #1: Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!!!)

Rah, Rah,

The fight song heard around the world!
Or at least heard all around
my Yaya's house
every time our precious 
Horned Frogs
were playing!

So in honor of my favorite team
(Yes, they even beat out Florida.)
They get to be 
the  #1 outfit
in my 
Team Spirit Set!

 Princess seems AND ruffles?
This shirt's got it all!
Perfect to wear to 
a chilly football game 
under a cute vest!
(See below..)

 Yes, you're right.
This vest is awesome!
The double zippers, 
the great pockets,
not to mention the wonderful warmness 
make this vest perfect to wear to a football game 
over a cute long-sleeved tee!
(See above..)

  Back by popular demand,
The (possibly) greatest 
denim skirt
of all time!
(Previously used here in one of my MUCH earlier outfits..)

Now, how much do you love 
rouched suede boots?
Seriously, mine are my go-to shoes
anytime I'm rushing out the door!
They go with just about everything!

Well, I had to have something that said
So why not this bracelet?
It's definitely adorable!
Much like this 
(van Zeeland)
But then, 
she always does a great job..

Be sure to let me know your favorite 
college football team!


"Hail white and purple flag whose
heroes never lag,
Horned Frog,
we are all for you!"

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