Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sand and Sapphires

Just sayin'...
This is possibly my new favorite 
outfit that I've put together! 

Two of my favorite things God created are sand and sapphires.
And it just so happens that those two colors look great together!
Therefore I made an outfit and named it 
Sand and Sapphires.
(I also haven't slept in three days, so things might be a little crazy..)

I do have an obsession with 
ModCloth dresses!
And this dress is totally adorable!
Check out those buttons!!
And that belt!
Too cute!!

This necklace is pretty cool. 
Hehe, I'd probably wear it to a 
UK game or something..
(UK= University of Kentucky..)

Dolphins, sparklies, sapphire blue, and yellow gold.
This bracelet has it all!

Much like this awesome purse!
It's such a classy little Dooney!
And it mixes both of the key colors!

Um, if I knew the lyrics to Blue Suede Shoes,
I would quote them.
But I actually haven't the slightest idea how that song goes..
But, for the record,
These shoes rock more than Elvis.
And the buckle matches the belt buckle on the dress! 



  1. Agreed! I am loving the blues that you used, darling girl. :-)



If you like this outfit, let me know! =)