Monday, September 6, 2010

The End of Summer... (clothes.)

So, I was going to quote an awesome summer song...
But, alas,
I couldn't think of any...
(Actually, I thought of a lot..

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took this summer. 

And vTHISv is one of my favorite outfits! 

AhModClothyou've done it again.
This breezy-yet-stylish
summer top is great for staying
cool N modest!
(And it's Cherry Red
Best red ever.)

Butterflies are the second best summer animal.
(The first being the firefly. ;-D )
And as today and tomorrow are the last days we can wear white skirts...
(We being those good girls that obey fashion rules. ;-D )
It is such a beautiful skirt!

This necklace was too cute not to use..
It looks like they're holding hands!
Or... Wings..

haven't used bangles in forever!!
Ahh.. It's good to have them back.

Don't you just love these shoes???
The flowers are too adorable!
And the heel is kind of warming us up for the 
latest trend of short heels! 

 Besides the great color,
and cute, braided handle,
If you can guess the real reason used this purse, 
You win! 


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