Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sand and Sapphires

Just sayin'...
This is possibly my new favorite 
outfit that I've put together! 

Two of my favorite things God created are sand and sapphires.
And it just so happens that those two colors look great together!
Therefore I made an outfit and named it 
Sand and Sapphires.
(I also haven't slept in three days, so things might be a little crazy..)

I do have an obsession with 
ModCloth dresses!
And this dress is totally adorable!
Check out those buttons!!
And that belt!
Too cute!!

This necklace is pretty cool. 
Hehe, I'd probably wear it to a 
UK game or something..
(UK= University of Kentucky..)

Dolphins, sparklies, sapphire blue, and yellow gold.
This bracelet has it all!

Much like this awesome purse!
It's such a classy little Dooney!
And it mixes both of the key colors!

Um, if I knew the lyrics to Blue Suede Shoes,
I would quote them.
But I actually haven't the slightest idea how that song goes..
But, for the record,
These shoes rock more than Elvis.
And the buckle matches the belt buckle on the dress! 


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Traveling Heroine of a Mysterious Romance

What is wrong with me???
For the past month I've been dying to watch some kind of 
detective/mystery/ the heroine wearing a hat&trench coat 
Something involving 
 and mystery, 
and the sad, dramatic sort of romance..
(See? I told you something was wrong with me.. =P )
Sadly, the only movie I could think of that would have any of that was Casablanca.

A movie I don't remember much of, 
but what I do remember, I didn't really want to see again...
So, instead of watching something, anything like that,
(I settled for Hoodwinked last night...
Close enough? =P ) 

I decided to do an outfit that I would wear if I was the traveling heroine of a mysterious romance movie. 
(Not the good, Princess Bride kind of romance, the sad, Roman Holiday kind. =P )
The name of this intriguing movie?

Well, that's for you to decide. 

There's just something so 
about black, wide-brimmed hats..
The movie heroine always has it pulled down just slightly over her eyes,
so she can watch people,
Mysterious, right?
I love the little flower on this particular hat.

Um, so yeah..
I do have a thing for trench coats..
Especially this one..
"Who knows the reason she was so inlove with this trench?
Is it because of the ruffled collar?
Or the creamy color?
Or perhaps there's another, deeper, darker reason..."
Haha, just kidding. 
That about covers it actually. 

So, just sayin'....
How awesome is the color of this shell?
Since we are on movies
I might as well say that I saw this and thought of that Princess Bride quote:
"With eyes like the sea after a storm"

Ooh, don't you just love this skirt?
It's so beautiful! 
It's like all of the most dramatically beautiful colors 
all swirled into one long, flowing skirt of happiness!

Yes, it's true...
I do think lockets are the most 
dramatically romantic/ mysterious
style necklace ever!
I love the Cross detail too. 
A very lovely necklace. 

The traveling heroine of this mysterious romance
Is obviously not going to want to
 lug around abunch of stuff in her purse.
Which is why this lil' wristlet is perfect for her!
Lipstick, passport, about $500 in cash.
"And a picture of her love"
was all she needed...
And her cell phone.
She'd die without it.. 

So, yeah...
I also have a thing for fingerless gloves...
But seriously,
Are these not SOO cute???

In case you were worried that our 
Traveling Heroine of a Mysterious Romance
didn't have room in her clutch for her clothes,
Then here is a very chic and classy 
Perfect for a lady to travel with..

Now, much as our heroine probably needs a moral booster,
She's not going to wear 4"heels while traveling.
Even I can't support her there.
(Even though I *might* have done that myself once..Twice..Possibly a lot..)


Be sure to comment below what YOU think next weeks outfit theme should be!
(And a movie title if you feel so led.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Quick Thought...

Hey there!
 I just thought I needed to make a quick statement:

Unless otherwise stated,
  I did not take the pictures I post on my blog.
They were taken by random (and obviously talented) photographers spread throughout the interwebz.

Just wanted to be clear on that. =)
God bless!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The End of Summer... (clothes.)

So, I was going to quote an awesome summer song...
But, alas,
I couldn't think of any...
(Actually, I thought of a lot..

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took this summer. 

And vTHISv is one of my favorite outfits! 

AhModClothyou've done it again.
This breezy-yet-stylish
summer top is great for staying
cool N modest!
(And it's Cherry Red
Best red ever.)

Butterflies are the second best summer animal.
(The first being the firefly. ;-D )
And as today and tomorrow are the last days we can wear white skirts...
(We being those good girls that obey fashion rules. ;-D )
It is such a beautiful skirt!

This necklace was too cute not to use..
It looks like they're holding hands!
Or... Wings..

haven't used bangles in forever!!
Ahh.. It's good to have them back.

Don't you just love these shoes???
The flowers are too adorable!
And the heel is kind of warming us up for the 
latest trend of short heels! 

 Besides the great color,
and cute, braided handle,
If you can guess the real reason used this purse, 
You win!