Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#4 - Sailing the Wonder

Yes, I had planned on 
doing my masquerade outfit today,
But apparently I won't need that until 
August 31st!
(Which is good, 'cause I have NO clue what I'm doing yet! =S )

I don't know if you noticed, but I did indeed skip two of her outfits.
(Her armor and her cute pajamas.)
(Ok, ok..They probably weren't PJ's, but they looked like it to me! =P )

This is the outfit that she wears at the end of the movie.
As it is the end of the movie I can't say anything about what is going on...
Other than that she is going sailing on a ship named Wonder.
(Best name for a sailboat ever.)

Don't you love tranch coats?
They're so 
This jacket is an adorable shade of blue,
and I love the details on it!
It's perfect for keeping warm on the high seas!

"A vest is just a cheap, sleeveless jacket."
Whether or not you agree with this statement,
Alice is wearing a vest, 
and therefore this outfit needed one.
(And for the record, I think they're cute.)

This is a very lovely and basic white blouse.
It's even cute enough to wear on its own!
(But I like it with the vest and coat too.)

If you look closely at Alice's skirt,
You'll notice that it's not just a solid blue.
And even if it was,
This skirt is so pretty, 
I possibly would have used it anyway.

"Hello, Absolem."
Final words of the movie, 
so I thought I should throw him in here somewhere.

These are the cutest boots I've ever seen
 in all of my days of shoe searching!
The laces and the cute little heel,


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