Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#3 - Um From Umbridge.

"This is Um, my new favorite."

I ♥ the Um dress.
But as it was made from curtains, 
I doubt modesty was their first thought..
(Actually their first thought was probably to 
"Clothe this enormous girl!" )

*Refrains from making a comment about the face the model is making*
Despite that look, 
I do think this jacket is perfect for the Um look!
The stripes and the whimsical sleeves 
are both great for this outfit!

Good, old fashioned, basic, black tank.
You wear it under stuff.
Um....That's about all I can say.. 
(No pun intended with the Um..)

This is such a lovely skirt!
Sadly, not quite as poufy as Um's...
I mean Alice's.. 
But it is still deliciously full and flowing!

For some odd reason that I'm not sure I want to know, 
the Red Queen was my Yaya's favorite character...
(She especially loved the "I need a pig here!" part...)
*Shakes head in wonder*

They're BA-ack!
I told you I was going to use 
the black and white Brielle gloves
 in a later post!
They are just as lovely as the first pair!

So, how much do you just love these shoes??
I found these WAAAY before I finished the other Alice outfits, 
and I knew I had to use them!
(The bow *might* be my favorite part!)


I watched 
"Breakfast at Tiffany's"
last night!
I'm an official fashionista now!

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