Monday, August 2, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#1 -The Garden Party

So, I was watching the new 
Alice in Wonderland
and I got inspired by this amazingly beautiful dress:

I love this dress. 
It's my favorite costume in the whole movie!
So I decided to do an outfit semi-based on her Garden/ Engagement Party dress.

Now, the dress she is wearing is obviously not sleeveless.
And the dress I am posting is.
Therefore a cute jacket is a must.
And this adorably ruffeled shrug is just perfect!


This dress is just too wonderful!
It's just the dress for a garden party!
And the color is so lovely!

"I'm late! I'm late!" 
That's actually not in this new movie..
Possibly the only thing I missed from the original..
(That's not going to keep me from putting it on here though. ;-D )
The rabbit plays such an important role in the movie's garden party,
I had to add him to mine one way or another!

I love Brielle Costumes!
(And not just for the name! ;-D )
These fingerless gloves are totally cute!
You can also get them in black stripes, but I might use those later...

Ruffley, flowery, happiness!
(That's what these shoes screamed at me when I saw them. =P )
The ruffles match so nicely with the jacket! 



  1. I'm planning to make a recreation of her blue dress. =) One day...

    And the Um dress. Only *cough* a bit more modest. =P

  2. Oh, that would be so great!
    If you do, I want to see pictures!!
    I love the Um dress! (But yes, it needs to be a bit more modest...=P)

  3. Hi! Your blog is so lovely! I think the dress is so pretty and perfectly fine. I am also in love with those gloves (I love Alice-inspired things!) but $19 is just a little pricey, even if they are handmade.

    I have a beauty/fashion/faith blog for Christian tweens, teens, and young women, so I'd love if you'd stop by. Thanks!


If you like this outfit, let me know! =)