Monday, August 30, 2010

A Marvelous Masquerade!

Here it is!
The masquerade outfit of my dreams!
Thanks to AmandaBeth's brilliant idea:

I finally have an excuse to put together a costume!

My dream masquerade costume:
(Warning: I might have to throw in the occasional Holly Golightly style "Dah-ling"...)

"That's right. I'm just CRAZY about Tiffany's! "

It's true! 
I really don't know what it is about the movie 
Breakfast at Tiffany's
that makes me like it so much!
(Besides, you know, her outfits, her acting, her cat, and her song Moon River...)

I instantly fell in love with this outfit when I saw it!
It's just so pink, and sparkly, and wonderful!!!!

Speaking of pink, and sparkly, and wonderful..
Any excuse to wear a tiara is a good excuse! 
And a pink tiara to boot!

Isn't this dress stunning, Dah-ling??
It's perfect for the 
pink and sparkly
look I'm going for! 
(Not a fan of the sleeveless look?
You can order this dress with attachable sleeves!)

A PINK trench??
How great is that??

"You could always tell what kind of a person a man thinks you are
 by the earrings he gives you."

 Or in this case, the necklace!
(Jose was a loser and didn't give her either. Another reason I was glad to see him go.
Isn't this necklace precious though?
It's so dainty and feminine!

Warning: These next three items are dangerously pink&sparkly.
This handy wallet is perfect for a night out!
And even if it was totally useless, 
it's so cute, I'd probably carry it anyway.
aren't these shoes just positively perfect?
Not only pink&sparkly,
with an adorable heel,
but they'te 

As my dah-ling friend, Becky said-
 "Not so much of a masquerade without a mask.."
(This right after I realized I had forgotten to find one..)
I think I made up for forgetting though!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My mom is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please keep her and my new baby sibling in your prayers! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#4 - Sailing the Wonder

Yes, I had planned on 
doing my masquerade outfit today,
But apparently I won't need that until 
August 31st!
(Which is good, 'cause I have NO clue what I'm doing yet! =S )

I don't know if you noticed, but I did indeed skip two of her outfits.
(Her armor and her cute pajamas.)
(Ok, ok..They probably weren't PJ's, but they looked like it to me! =P )

This is the outfit that she wears at the end of the movie.
As it is the end of the movie I can't say anything about what is going on...
Other than that she is going sailing on a ship named Wonder.
(Best name for a sailboat ever.)

Don't you love tranch coats?
They're so 
This jacket is an adorable shade of blue,
and I love the details on it!
It's perfect for keeping warm on the high seas!

"A vest is just a cheap, sleeveless jacket."
Whether or not you agree with this statement,
Alice is wearing a vest, 
and therefore this outfit needed one.
(And for the record, I think they're cute.)

This is a very lovely and basic white blouse.
It's even cute enough to wear on its own!
(But I like it with the vest and coat too.)

If you look closely at Alice's skirt,
You'll notice that it's not just a solid blue.
And even if it was,
This skirt is so pretty, 
I possibly would have used it anyway.

"Hello, Absolem."
Final words of the movie, 
so I thought I should throw him in here somewhere.

These are the cutest boots I've ever seen
 in all of my days of shoe searching!
The laces and the cute little heel,


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#3 - Um From Umbridge.

"This is Um, my new favorite."

I ♥ the Um dress.
But as it was made from curtains, 
I doubt modesty was their first thought..
(Actually their first thought was probably to 
"Clothe this enormous girl!" )

*Refrains from making a comment about the face the model is making*
Despite that look, 
I do think this jacket is perfect for the Um look!
The stripes and the whimsical sleeves 
are both great for this outfit!

Good, old fashioned, basic, black tank.
You wear it under stuff.
Um....That's about all I can say.. 
(No pun intended with the Um..)

This is such a lovely skirt!
Sadly, not quite as poufy as Um's...
I mean Alice's.. 
But it is still deliciously full and flowing!

For some odd reason that I'm not sure I want to know, 
the Red Queen was my Yaya's favorite character...
(She especially loved the "I need a pig here!" part...)
*Shakes head in wonder*

They're BA-ack!
I told you I was going to use 
the black and white Brielle gloves
 in a later post!
They are just as lovely as the first pair!

So, how much do you just love these shoes??
I found these WAAAY before I finished the other Alice outfits, 
and I knew I had to use them!
(The bow *might* be my favorite part!)


I watched 
"Breakfast at Tiffany's"
last night!
I'm an official fashionista now!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#2 - Wear Me

So... I was watching Alice again..

This time I picked a dress that she wears from one of my favorite scenes all the way through to... 
Another of my favorite scenes.

If you've seen the movie, you'll remember that 
The Mad Hatter
makes Alice a lovely formal to wear while she's tiny.
Sadly, he didn't make it too terribly modest.
Which is where I come in. 

Yes, it was mostly the 
ribboned sash
that attracted my to this dress.
It really has nothing to do with it's lovely color 
and very awesome 
(Yes, I know the cost of this dress. 
But hey, it's a good price for a formal.)

What almost made me not use this dress is the low-cut 
But that's what camisoles are for,
so why not put them to good use?
This insane color teal totally coordinates 
with the dress
Matches some of the 
There don't seem to be any 
shoe stores in Wonderland...
But that never seemed to stop Alice from 
Rockin' some cute footwear!
In this outfit it looked like she was using ribbon,
So these shoes were perfect for the part!

Did you notice the cute flower on Alice's dress?
(If you didn't, how could you not?!)
Sadly, my dress lacked a flower..
But I think this darling headband totally makes up for it!

"Drink Me"
"Eat Me"
Wear Me!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Alice in Fashionland: Outfit#1 -The Garden Party

So, I was watching the new 
Alice in Wonderland
and I got inspired by this amazingly beautiful dress:

I love this dress. 
It's my favorite costume in the whole movie!
So I decided to do an outfit semi-based on her Garden/ Engagement Party dress.

Now, the dress she is wearing is obviously not sleeveless.
And the dress I am posting is.
Therefore a cute jacket is a must.
And this adorably ruffeled shrug is just perfect!


This dress is just too wonderful!
It's just the dress for a garden party!
And the color is so lovely!

"I'm late! I'm late!" 
That's actually not in this new movie..
Possibly the only thing I missed from the original..
(That's not going to keep me from putting it on here though. ;-D )
The rabbit plays such an important role in the movie's garden party,
I had to add him to mine one way or another!

I love Brielle Costumes!
(And not just for the name! ;-D )
These fingerless gloves are totally cute!
You can also get them in black stripes, but I might use those later...

Ruffley, flowery, happiness!
(That's what these shoes screamed at me when I saw them. =P )
The ruffles match so nicely with the jacket!