Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Dear Brielle: Featuring Kohl's and Adam Young

"There's a handwritten note 
pressed in the door of her screened in porch..."

I'll be honest, 
I'm not completely sure why I like this song so much...
It's a little... Sadder than the songs I normally like,
But I love it, just the same. 

Brielle is one of the songs on Adam Young's new cd:
"Sky Sailing~An Airplane Carried Me to Bed"
A very lovely album that I hope to buy soon.
(By soon I mean as soon as our Wal-Mart decides to start selling it.)

That is one of the inspirations of this outfit.

The other inspiration was this beautiful dress from Kohl's!
(That I happen to own! =D)
I love the butterflies, and the fact that it's my favorite color,
 Robin's Egg Blue, 
Definitely added some points! 

"She was still wearing white and robins egg blue, her grandmother's dress..."

But, lovely as it is,
The dress has some faults...
Mainly that it is extremely low-cut.
(As most maxi-dresses are..)
That is where plain, white tees come in handy!

"Like a butterfly you floated by.."

I love this necklace.
It's so sparkly and beautiful! 

Kind of like this bracelet! 
(Only this isn't as sparkly...And it lacks the butterfly part...and it's a bracelet...)

Isn't this purse cute? 
It's a great color, 
and totally matches the dress!

And not only are they sunglasses,
They're WHITE sunglasses!!
And not only are they white sunglasses,
They're white sunglasses with rhinestones!!!
How adorable are these shoes??
I love how vintage looking they are!

"I wish I knew when I'll be back again
So until then I wish you well..."


"I love you, my darling, farewell.."

^^ Best. Line. Of. The. Song.^^


If you like this outfit, let me know! =)