Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything Emma: Jane Austen Tour

So, I was browsing my Twitter stream when I noticed 
@Feelinfeminine's tweet about the

So, being a HUGE Jane Austin fan,
 I wanted to be a part of it!!!

The fashion part that is. 

The outfit for this week and for the tour is based off of 
the 2009 BBC series:

(Played by Ramola Garai)
(This is a winter outfit, by the way...Slightly out of season..)
(but not out of style. ;-D )

"Emma Woodhouse,
 handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition,
 seemed to unite some of the best blessings of existence; 
and had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world 
with very little to distress or vex her."

You can't see it in that picture,
but under her 
(seriously adorable)
jacket, she's wearing a button front white blouse,
with slightly poufy sleeves..
Much like this one! =D

Which is a very good thing, 
because without it,
this dress wouldn't fit the modesty bill.
But with it, 
it's totally cute!

So, remember that aforementioned 
(Seriously adorable)
A shade darker, perhaps, 
but still adorable!

Yes, you're right!
It doesn't show her in a necklace!
But the heroine of any love story 
is always wearing a pendent necklace,
whether the authour mentions it or not. 
I love how antique looking it is!

You know how I said this was a wintery outfit?
Well, here's proof!
If you wore these where I live right now,
 you would probably die of the heat.
(But, just sayin', at least you'd have cute gloves on...)
And these gloves are too cute!

I googled a picture of some Jane Austin era shoes,
(Don't you love google?)
I used that picture as a reference,
and found these!
They look just like the ones in the picture!
(Please, PLEASE forgive me for losing that particular pic..)


^^ Found this picture while I was looking for the outfit.^^
Isn't it cute??

By the way, 
Super cute bathing suits!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Dear Brielle: Featuring Kohl's and Adam Young

"There's a handwritten note 
pressed in the door of her screened in porch..."

I'll be honest, 
I'm not completely sure why I like this song so much...
It's a little... Sadder than the songs I normally like,
But I love it, just the same. 

Brielle is one of the songs on Adam Young's new cd:
"Sky Sailing~An Airplane Carried Me to Bed"
A very lovely album that I hope to buy soon.
(By soon I mean as soon as our Wal-Mart decides to start selling it.)

That is one of the inspirations of this outfit.

The other inspiration was this beautiful dress from Kohl's!
(That I happen to own! =D)
I love the butterflies, and the fact that it's my favorite color,
 Robin's Egg Blue, 
Definitely added some points! 

"She was still wearing white and robins egg blue, her grandmother's dress..."

But, lovely as it is,
The dress has some faults...
Mainly that it is extremely low-cut.
(As most maxi-dresses are..)
That is where plain, white tees come in handy!

"Like a butterfly you floated by.."

I love this necklace.
It's so sparkly and beautiful! 

Kind of like this bracelet! 
(Only this isn't as sparkly...And it lacks the butterfly part...and it's a bracelet...)

Isn't this purse cute? 
It's a great color, 
and totally matches the dress!

And not only are they sunglasses,
They're WHITE sunglasses!!
And not only are they white sunglasses,
They're white sunglasses with rhinestones!!!
How adorable are these shoes??
I love how vintage looking they are!

"I wish I knew when I'll be back again
So until then I wish you well..."


"I love you, my darling, farewell.."

^^ Best. Line. Of. The. Song.^^

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Edition CNM: If Ever I Could Love

"If ever I could love
I think it could be with you
If ever I thought I'd
Find somebody so true.."

If only I was talking about the song...

But, I am not.
Instead, I am talking about the awesome novel written by 

Princess Bubblegum
(AKA my sister, Nicole)
(Cover by David Rhyne)

(Don't be fooled by the title.. It's more like a James Bond movie than a romance novel...)



Here are some outfits inspire by the heroine, Chloe,
The hero, Dillon,
and the best friend, Rachel.

(Y'all just bear with me through this one..)

Dear fellow fashionistas,
A geek tee shirt was requested by Chloe (aka Nicole) herself..
My apologies. 
(She owns four of them...)
The one I'm using for this outfit is black.

Dear fellow fashionistas,
I have no apologies for this skirt!
It's seriously adorable!
The perfect skirt for getting into the kind of adventures Chloe Hamilton does!

Now, I know what you're thinking.. 
"Nicole is the queen of high heels and high tops! She would never wear FLAT sandals!"
And that is where you are wrong.
Of late Nicole has been wearing nothing but her black, flat sandals!
(Very similar to these, but with flowers instead of sparklies.)

Boy, does she love her Coach purses!
Sadly, I couldn't find her favorite one that she carries,
But this was close enough! 
(And it matches the skirt better. ;-D )

"True Love Waits"
Chloe's purity ring is a very important part
of her everyday attire!

Sterling Silver Big Sis CZ (Cubic Zirconia) Heart Charm with 20 inch Sterling Silver Chain
Chloe's favorite necklace!
She wears it almost everyday!
Such a good older sister! 

Chloe Hamilton's mission:
To speak for the weak.
A good way to show she is Pro-Life?
This wonderful bracelet! 

The dashing,
The daring,
The darling,
The Dillon!

The delightful 
hero and very dear friend of
Chloe Hamilton!

This nautically striped polo is perfect
For water loving Dillon! 

A boyscout is always prepared.
And even though I'm pretty sure Dillon's not a boyscout,
He'll definitely need to be prepared for all of his adventures!
These cargo shorts are perfect for holding whatever he needs 
(and more!)

True, I don't think a normal guy would try to coordinate his wallet with his outfit..
But I'm not a guy..
And this is my blog...
Therefore the wallet matches the outfit! 

Dillon loves converse.
It's a well known fact.
Yeah... I pretty much love them too..


The BFF of Chloe Hamilton!
These girls have been through everything together!
Kidnappings, stalkers, shootings, car chases, wedding dress shopping...
 pretty much everything!

"As they try to teach me how to dance..."
Best. Song. Ever. 
And one of Rachel's favorites too!
(You should hear her play it on the piano!)
This cute tee is rather and very based off of a true shirt Nicole bought for her bff!
(No.. I wasn't jealous... Not really..)

Oh, my goodness, how cute is this skirt?!
I love the teirs!
And the denim!
And the overall greatness of it!

Blue and brown are possibly the cutest color couple ever!
This casual and cute purse is perfect for the
down-to-earth Rachel!

Just like these gladiator sandals!
According to Nicole:
"Rachel would definitely wear those!'

Be sure to check out
"If Ever I could Love"
by: Nicole Alexakos