Sunday, June 13, 2010

Water Sports

So, our church got a new building...

Yeah. It's awesome. 
(It's also the little one in the back, not the main one with the tower... We're getting there..)

In honor of our first Sunday at the new location of
 Noble Life Assembly,
We had a picnic!
(Complete with volleyball, ring-around-the-rosy, and missing cell phones..)
Obviously you can't do all of those exciting picnic activities 
in your church dress.
You still want to be
Cute N Modest! 
Here's a fun and sporty outfit all ready for a picnic!

Did I mention I love short sleeve hoodies? 
Using this color yellow was inspired by my friend Christy!
(Hi Christy!)

"Aye, aye Cat-ptain!" 
(Not an original..That's the name of the shirt!)
And how cute is that little cat?
He's in a teacup!

I love this shade of blue...
And the tiers and pretty much everything else about this skirt!

I picked the steering wheel...
(Notice the lack of nautical terms.. =S)
To go with the sailing kitty shirt! 

And to go with the hoodie,
(And the sailing kitty shirt!)
These adorable sandles! 
You: *gasp* You play volleyball in heels?!
Me: Yes, but that is not the point..
Most people generally take off their shoes when playing v-ball outside..
Which is why the slip-ons are perfect!
Check it out! 
This cute duffle is made out of real sails!
And look!
It says Pensacola!
(Y'all don't get to know if I like that or not. =P )

Please let me know what you think of the new background!

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