Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stylin' in the Rain!

Rain, rain...

everyday for the past few weeks..
Drip, drop, drip...
It's crazy! 
And not summertime weather!

So, to try and get into and excited about all this wetness,
I've done a waterproof outfit!
"Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain.."
'Cause I have the cutest umbrella ever!

No, seriously!
I bet rain just slides right off of that!
And look at that color! 
(Go UK! =P )

I kind of love this color green..
It's really the best color green I've ever seen..
It's like the color of leaves, and grass, and the best shade of green eyes! 
(No offense, Nicole..=P )
And it plays off of the raincoat's blue so lovely!

Cute, denim, waterproof,
What's not to love about this adorable skirt! 

Hehe, I love froggies...
I once had this frog named Ted... 
But we won't go there..
This adorable pendent is probably the second cutest I've ever seen!
(Well, maybe third...=P )

How cute is this purse?!
I love how the silver accents match the necklace!

Ok, I'll admit it.
I LOVE peacock feathers!!
And these boots just happened to be perfect!!


P.S. If you're wondering what REALLY inspired this outfit,
I was looking for some cute rain boots to where to Ireland..
Hope you enjoyed! 

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