Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer in the Form of a Fruit. =D

I'm ba-ack!!
I missed last week due to a speech that refused to be written..=(
But I've returned! =D
And so has the sun!!! It's been almost 60 degrees everyday for a week!!
So to celebrate the return of all things happy and warm, I've dedicated this post to the strawberry; AKA summer in the form of a fruit. Seriously, nothing says summer like a strawberry!! Not even flipflops!....(Ok, maybe flipflops...=P )
Seriously, this purse is SO cute! It could go from picnic casual to party formal just like that! *snaps*

Despite what some people* would say, I really don't think this jacket looks like Hillary Clinton. =P
Good news: It's a very light fabric, so even though it's long sleeved it's still a good spring/ summer blazer!
Bad news: The pockets are fake. ='( =P
This is a great shade of green...Like guacamole*...Or the top of a strawberry!! =D (*Note: guacamole is the actual color of the shirt, not something I actually thought of...*Sigh* Lack of originality for the lose. =P )
Dude, it's like a quilt!! ..Except, it's not puffy and soft..*Cough*
Check out the frayed hem! The belt loops are cute, but sadly* they will be covered by the beautiful, red jacket. =D (*Note: I'm not really sad..The jacket is SO cute!!)

Fruity jewelry is so spring/summer! And this pretty little necklace will carry all the way through August! (After that it just makes everyone sad about the lack of warmth and sunshine..Not to mention strawberries..=P)

Did I almost die when I saw how cute these shoes are? No...I've yet to do that..=P But these are possibly the cutest shoes I've found in all my interwebz window shopping! =D
The peep toe, the slight hieght, the utterly adorable little heart-shaped charm! (Not to mention they're satin! =D)
Ahh, they're perfect. =D


Purse: Dillard's
Jacket: Forever 21
Tank: Maurice's
Skirt: Maurice's
Necklace: Forever 21

*Someone= Nicole. =P

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  1. AWESOME outfit, go fasion blogging =)


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