Saturday, March 20, 2010

No White..Yet.. ;-)

This is driving me crazy!
I finally finished getting my spring/ summer clothes out of the attic, only to realize that most of my outfits consisted of white skirts and white shoes. And as I'm one of those people who NEVER wears white skirts/shoes before Easter, this is a huge problem..Luckily, I did find a few things... (Having WAY too many clothes comes in handy sometimes..=P )

This is my absolute favorite non-white party skirt!! I wore it almost everywhere!! It didn't get packed away until August! Can you blame me though? Look at how CUTE the design is!! And the colors!! It even has Robin's Egg Blue!!

Which is why I picked this shirt to go with it. =D It's "fitted enough to show you're a girl, yet lose enough to show you're a lady"! Perfect for these weird-weathered March days, when it might get too hot for a jacket, so you need something that works without one. =)

But this jacket is so cute I wouldn't want to take it off!! I love this color yellow! It's like a sunflower! Or the middle of a daisy! (Note to you people who have my email and read my status message: Despite the "I don't think we should keep daisies in the garden, they really are drab little flowers" quote, I love daisies. They're the 3rd best flower!) (1st Rose, 2nd, Sunflower, 3rd, Daisy! =D )

So I came across this brand a few months ago and thought their stuff was cute..Now I think these could be my favorite shoes I've posted yet!! The blue color, the white piping, the wedge heel..Not to mention her name's Zoe! (One of my favorite names! =P )
These two lovely peices of jewelry both have gemstones that match the colors in the skirt! =)

And we're back with this color yellow!! (I really like it a lot!) And look! The little duck charm matches the purple color in the skirt!! CUH-ute!! =D

Tee: Kohl's
Jacket: Nordstrom's
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet: JCPenny's

P.S. If y'all are wondering why this is out so early, it's because I'm writing yet another speech this week, and didn't want to miss it! =)

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