Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day and Easter!! (Starring Kimmie!)

Hey! Due to an amazingly busy schedule, I have decided to give this blog to my friend, Kimmie, until further notice.

April Fool's! 
(Sorry..=P )
Sadly, I wasn't kidding about a busy schedule..(Ok, not sad for me..I love this time of year! Baseball, speech, TeenPact.. Yeah..Not sad for me. =P ) 
Thankfully, my fellow modest fashionista, Kimmie, has offered to do an outfit for me this week! =)
A couple of notes from me on this outfit:
YAY!!!! Sunday is Easter!!!!! Best Christian day of the year! (My personal 2nd favorite! =) ) 
So, from here on out, more than likely, all of the skirts I post will be white. No...I don't think wearing white is the best part of spring...Ok...I might...=P 
This outfit is more like an Easter monday outfit, really.. (You know, the day after Easter, where you go out of the house just so you have an excuse to wear white? =P )

Here's a little bit about the guest fashionista! =)
Her name is Kimmie, and she is almost 16... (I'm not jealous..Really, I'm not..=P )
Kimmie and I met...Well, We haven't met..At least not in person..(YET! ;-) We hope to meet this June!..If I manage to make it to nationals in my speech contest!)
Kimmie enjoys singing, playing guitar, fashion designing, and shopping!! (Seriously, how awesome is this girl?! =D ) 
Hope you enjoy this outfit! 
See y'all later! 
Happy Easter!!

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