Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day and Easter!! (Starring Kimmie!)

Hey! Due to an amazingly busy schedule, I have decided to give this blog to my friend, Kimmie, until further notice.

April Fool's! 
(Sorry..=P )
Sadly, I wasn't kidding about a busy schedule..(Ok, not sad for me..I love this time of year! Baseball, speech, TeenPact.. Yeah..Not sad for me. =P ) 
Thankfully, my fellow modest fashionista, Kimmie, has offered to do an outfit for me this week! =)
A couple of notes from me on this outfit:
YAY!!!! Sunday is Easter!!!!! Best Christian day of the year! (My personal 2nd favorite! =) ) 
So, from here on out, more than likely, all of the skirts I post will be white. No...I don't think wearing white is the best part of spring...Ok...I might...=P 
This outfit is more like an Easter monday outfit, really.. (You know, the day after Easter, where you go out of the house just so you have an excuse to wear white? =P )

Here's a little bit about the guest fashionista! =)
Her name is Kimmie, and she is almost 16... (I'm not jealous..Really, I'm not..=P )
Kimmie and I met...Well, We haven't met..At least not in person..(YET! ;-) We hope to meet this June!..If I manage to make it to nationals in my speech contest!)
Kimmie enjoys singing, playing guitar, fashion designing, and shopping!! (Seriously, how awesome is this girl?! =D ) 
Hope you enjoy this outfit! 
See y'all later! 
Happy Easter!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No White..Yet.. ;-)

This is driving me crazy!
I finally finished getting my spring/ summer clothes out of the attic, only to realize that most of my outfits consisted of white skirts and white shoes. And as I'm one of those people who NEVER wears white skirts/shoes before Easter, this is a huge problem..Luckily, I did find a few things... (Having WAY too many clothes comes in handy sometimes..=P )

This is my absolute favorite non-white party skirt!! I wore it almost everywhere!! It didn't get packed away until August! Can you blame me though? Look at how CUTE the design is!! And the colors!! It even has Robin's Egg Blue!!

Which is why I picked this shirt to go with it. =D It's "fitted enough to show you're a girl, yet lose enough to show you're a lady"! Perfect for these weird-weathered March days, when it might get too hot for a jacket, so you need something that works without one. =)

But this jacket is so cute I wouldn't want to take it off!! I love this color yellow! It's like a sunflower! Or the middle of a daisy! (Note to you people who have my email and read my status message: Despite the "I don't think we should keep daisies in the garden, they really are drab little flowers" quote, I love daisies. They're the 3rd best flower!) (1st Rose, 2nd, Sunflower, 3rd, Daisy! =D )

So I came across this brand a few months ago and thought their stuff was cute..Now I think these could be my favorite shoes I've posted yet!! The blue color, the white piping, the wedge heel..Not to mention her name's Zoe! (One of my favorite names! =P )
These two lovely peices of jewelry both have gemstones that match the colors in the skirt! =)

And we're back with this color yellow!! (I really like it a lot!) And look! The little duck charm matches the purple color in the skirt!! CUH-ute!! =D

Tee: Kohl's
Jacket: Nordstrom's
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet: JCPenny's

P.S. If y'all are wondering why this is out so early, it's because I'm writing yet another speech this week, and didn't want to miss it! =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Talking About a Revolutionary Outfit

Well, I missed St. Patrick's Day by an hour..*Sigh*
Oh, well! Good thing I didn't go with my first plan of finding a leprechaun outfit for y'all..=P
This outfit was actually inspired by my friend Emily's amazing story! (One of her amazing stories..She's a great author!)
"Talking About a Revolution" is about a girl named Kate that goes to Ireland and finds some serious adventure! (Note to my friend, Kate, that is going to Ireland- Be careful, "adventure is out there!")

Anyway, this is part of the begining of Chapter 1:

"Kate admired her new outfit in her bedroom mirror. It was late afternoon, around six. She could hear her younger siblings playing outside. Her new outfit consisted of :"

"a jean skirt that reached a couple inches below her knees,"
Oh, wow! How cute is this skirt!! I love the double buttons! TOO CUTE!!

"a Kelly green shirt,"
Yeah, so, I'm still working on exactly what shade of green Kelly green is, but I figured this had to be close. =P
The sleeves on this blouse are super awesome. Puffy yet tight...Ruffle-y yet "professional" enough to wear to the Capitol..Yeah. This is a great top. =D

"and a brown jacket,"

Dear really good photo-editors,
My apologies for this pathetic excuse of a photo-edit.
lol Yeah..I kind of hate the model's dress that she wears under the jacket, so I cropped her out..=P
This jacket was like an addictive video game; I kept going back to it..But I don't blame myself. I mean, look at it! It's SOO adorable!! And perfect for the evil cold fronts March tends to have.. =( =P
"accented by a pair of bronze sandals."
Warning: This fashoin blogger is a trend victim when it comes to metal studs!! And these look SO great with the jacket!

Ok...I know it's no longer St. Patty's Day, but clovers are so very March-ish! And check out how the bronze matches the shoe-studs!
*Whistles innocently* Oh, look! More clovers! I wonder who was late getting her blog post out this week.. =P
Yes, this lovely bracelet should have been worn yesterday, but, for y'all under the age of 20, you can join the 4-H and always have a place to wear it! Who doesn't love clovers?

I looked long and hard for a great purse for this outfit..If I had been smart I would have remembered that if you want an awesome leather purse, look at Fossil! *Smacks forehead* Duh!
How great is the stitching on this bag? I don't know about you, but I really like decorative stitches! They're so fun! (Especially zig-zags!!)>

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Skirt: Dillard's
Shirt: Kohl's
Jacket: Nordstrom
Shoes: Dillard's
Purse: Fossil

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Summer in the Form of a Fruit. =D

I'm ba-ack!!
I missed last week due to a speech that refused to be written..=(
But I've returned! =D
And so has the sun!!! It's been almost 60 degrees everyday for a week!!
So to celebrate the return of all things happy and warm, I've dedicated this post to the strawberry; AKA summer in the form of a fruit. Seriously, nothing says summer like a strawberry!! Not even flipflops!....(Ok, maybe flipflops...=P )
Seriously, this purse is SO cute! It could go from picnic casual to party formal just like that! *snaps*

Despite what some people* would say, I really don't think this jacket looks like Hillary Clinton. =P
Good news: It's a very light fabric, so even though it's long sleeved it's still a good spring/ summer blazer!
Bad news: The pockets are fake. ='( =P
This is a great shade of green...Like guacamole*...Or the top of a strawberry!! =D (*Note: guacamole is the actual color of the shirt, not something I actually thought of...*Sigh* Lack of originality for the lose. =P )
Dude, it's like a quilt!! ..Except, it's not puffy and soft..*Cough*
Check out the frayed hem! The belt loops are cute, but sadly* they will be covered by the beautiful, red jacket. =D (*Note: I'm not really sad..The jacket is SO cute!!)

Fruity jewelry is so spring/summer! And this pretty little necklace will carry all the way through August! (After that it just makes everyone sad about the lack of warmth and sunshine..Not to mention strawberries..=P)

Did I almost die when I saw how cute these shoes are? No...I've yet to do that..=P But these are possibly the cutest shoes I've found in all my interwebz window shopping! =D
The peep toe, the slight hieght, the utterly adorable little heart-shaped charm! (Not to mention they're satin! =D)
Ahh, they're perfect. =D


Purse: Dillard's
Jacket: Forever 21
Tank: Maurice's
Skirt: Maurice's
Necklace: Forever 21

*Someone= Nicole. =P