Monday, February 22, 2010

Owl City

The time when our local minor league baseball team holds auditions to sing the National Anthem!
Right before I got up to sing my favorite Owl City song, Fireflies, started playing on the screen behind me! Sadly I couldn't sing along with the music video. ='(
To make up for it, I found a very cute outfit with an owl theme. =P
Oh, yeah....And I wanted to do an outfit centered around this cute wristlet!! Seriously, is this not too adorable?! It's the perfect size to hold giftcards and cash while your shopping! (And it's a lot easier on your back too!)

Does this say old-school-fairytale-peasant-girl to anyone but me? =P
The ruffles and the lose, flow-yness in general make this top one of the cutest I've seen in quite awhile!
(And its puffed sleeves remind me of Anne Shirley. =P )

So my favorite color is Robin's Egg Blue..And my favorite article of clothing is a long, flowing skirt. Need I say more? =D And what about that belt?! Normally I'm not a belt person, but that really is very cute! (AND it matches the brown leather of the wristlet! =D )

It's so shiny! =D And check out the cute little leaf charm just randomly hanging there! =)

So I thought the perfect shoes for this outfit would be brown ballet flats, and then I looked back up at the picture of the skirt and realized that I wasn't the only one! Their almost the same shoes!


Purse: Fossil
Skirt: Dillard's
Necklace: Forever21 (Of course! =P )
Shoes: JCrew

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